About Me and this Blog


I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom. My passion for research in the occupational therapy/occupational science arena inspired me to start this blog and hope that some of you out there find some of it useful.

If you are an occupational therapist/occupational scientist or student of either, then please feel free to comment on any of my posts.



22 comments on “About Me and this Blog

  1. Kia ora
    Great to see an occupational therapy blog that has some science in it! Thanks for putting your ideas out there!
    Take a look at my blog – occupational therapy is only a teeny part of what I write about, most of my info is more psychosocial and all related to chronic pain management (or chronic health self management). I’ll be bookmarkking your blog, and coming back often. I will have some comments later when I’m not rushing off to work!
    BTW you’ve got some great photographs there!

  2. great to read your blog and all comments made about it….but wait a minute ,this blog story sounds soooo kenyan.i love this proffession and trust m you i will realy need to know if the occupation occupational therapy that have lived to adore can turn to have negatives in life.this is food of thought.Yes i will catch up with you guys later for more info.have to rush fabricate splints in theater……
    duncan from nairobi

  3. Hello , I’ am a OT student and have come across your blog this evening. From what I have seen so far it is very impressive and interesting and I’ am looking forward to reading more. Thanks Jodie 🙂

  4. Hi Martin, thank you so much for attending our course today. Your insight and knowledge provided me with a valuable insight into OCD and the impact that it can have upon people’s lives. The session inspired me to commit to continuing to develop my own knowledge and skills in the area, so hopefully others might also benefit as a result. Thanks again – Keith

    • That has really made my day 🙂 Thanks Keith! The reason why I come in and talk through the nitty gritty of OCD is because I want it to benefit others in the future! Just so you know…I have JUST made my dad a cup of tea…no thought suppression, no cancelling out, no sneaky compulsions and I am absolutely fine :-p Looks like you will all be licking your shoes soon enough 😉

  5. Excellent, we’ll done! Dam you… All in one! I’m not a frequent shoe licker so I’ll be hypervigilant when out walking, looking for the dangers of dog muck! Can we make sure the dirty deed’s done before lunch! Have some mercy! 😉

    • Haha! I’m not cruel so I will permit pre lunch lickings…just hope it doesn’t taint your taste buds for whatever you will be eating later haha! I’m trying to put a face to your name, which one of the guys are you? I’m really bad at names to faces haha!

  6. Hi Martin.

    Just a quick note to say thank you for speaking in the group on Monday/Tuesday. I think it helped us all massively. And…I am aware that your story has made me mindful of my own interpersonal skills when giving therapy to people with OCD (as well as every other disorder!!) and how important the relationship is in treatment. Good luck with your experiment.

    • Thanks Stevie,

      That is all I ask for by coming in 🙂 You do realise that Im coming back in to watch you all lick your shoes yeh? 😉

  7. Yes you will! I am attending Paul Salkovskis master class so if I dont get you all doing some pretty disgusting things before then, I will ask Paul to be extra cruel with his tricks hahaha!

    I hope you licked the sole of the shoe??

    • That’s hilarious haha! I really do hope you were on your own doing that lol Actually no…I want photographic evidence haha! Im so telling Yvonne about this…she will laugh so hard!!

      So have you any idea where you’d like to specialise?

  8. I’m not sure yet. I like working with OCD but I haven’t had loads of opportunities of working with it. It’s definitely an option though. I also like the idea of working with trauma. Time will tell though I guess.
    I read your blog and see you want to get back into OT work. It’ll be good to do something you enjoy!

    • Both are great options, but I can tell you that people with ocd are desperate for ocd specialists! I’d like to train further down the line and specialise in ocd…theres a great need!

      Im going to ask yvonne to ask you all if anyone is particularly interested in ocd, as I am looking for a CBT/student to help me co-facilitate my group. It would be a fantastic opportunity for one of you! 🙂 Anyone spring to mind?

  9. I imagine most people would jump at the chance to do that! I guess it’s the logistics of fitting it around work and the course which might be difficult. Im definitely interested. It’d be a massive help to understanding OCD better and obviously helping people at the same time.

  10. Hello,
    I’m a final year OT student and my boyfriend has OCD so finding this blog has been really helpful to me. I’m currently doing a research project on OCD and it’s impact on engagement into meaningful occupations so I’m really looking forward to reading the second part of your blog.
    Thank you Emma. 🙂

    • Thank you Emma! Not sure where in the country you are but there is a lot of help for people with ocd. I myself run a therapy/support group based on a cbt modal in Bolton.

  11. Hello Martin,
    I’m also in Manchester and I wonder if you might get back in touch with me? I just read your really considered and factual description of OCD but also, with great interest, your specific experience relating to triggers and obsessions with driving a car.
    I’m a TV producer and I’m looking in to exactly that issue for a potential documentary at present and it would be excellent to be able to talk to you. No obligation beyond that, just a chat if possible.
    Let me know if that’s something you’re happy to do?
    Best wishes,

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