Occupational Therapy Symposia: Identity and Transitions

After a very interesting conference I made my way over to the University of Salford to attend the occupational therapy symposia focussing on identity and transitions.

There were 4 presentations discussed but during the symposia I began to consider how OCD can shape ones identity, and what can happen to ones identity after the onset of OCD and anxiety. I began to reflect on my own experience and how my life and whole attitude to life and myself as a person has changed due to the experience of OCD.

Anyway I thought that this would be something that would be worth exploring!


Questions to think about for reflective blog post on identity:

  • How did my occupational identity change after the onset of OCD, depression and anxiety?
  • What role loss did I experience?
  • What occupations were lost?
  • Does OCD give you an identity or does mental illness change your identity?
  • What is identity?



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