Reflection: Personality Disorders

Following a discussion with a dear friend of mine who has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), I realised that my knowledge base regarding Personality Disorder (PD) was not as up to scratch as I thought it should be. I discussed the topic of BPD but felt that as an occupational therapist who works with people with mental health problems, I should understand this more so that I am equipped with the skills to work with this client group and understand the difficulties they experience and how it affects their occupational performance in their every day lives.

I have had previous discussions with other mental health professionals regarding PD but have never really gone away to think about my lack of knowledge, but this I feel is not acceptable as a health care professional. That said, I feel now is the time where I should understand this client group more so, so that I can offer a service that caters not only for people purely with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), as I understand that many people who live with OCD will also experience a PD too.

I will now research PD in general and write a piece dedicated to my updated knowledge of this client group. The aim of this reflection is to increase my scope of practice and to offer a service that is truly client centred, professional and inclusive of all who experience mental health problems.

Action Plan

  • Research the spectrum of PDs provide an evidence based blog post, relating it to how PD can affect occupational performance.
  • Apply this knowledge to practice.

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