Reflection on Discussion: Child and Adolescent OCD


Today I had an interesting conversation with a fellow OT on twitter, I was asked for advice on what best practice would be on working with children and young teens with OCD, this has got me thinking of how occupational therapists can assist in the assessment, treatment and management of OCD in children and young people.

I think this is an area of practice that needs to be explored, and with OCD being cited as the 10th most disabling condition outlined by the World Health Organisation, this is a huge area of practice that has been very unexplored, especially within child and adolescent mental health.

Where to go from here? 

I think it is my duty now to research how occupational therapists can offer assessment, treatment and offer support to children and young people who experience OCD. I will look for articles to inform my practice and pass these on to relevant occupational therapists who would benefit from this information.

Action Plan

  • Research the evidence base
  • Liaise with other mental health professionals
  • Document my findings in another blog post and make this accessible to other occupational therapists

One comment on “Reflection on Discussion: Child and Adolescent OCD

  1. Approximately one million children and adolescents in the United States suffer from OCD. This can mean three to five youngsters with OCD per average-sized elementary school and about 20 teenagers in a large high school.

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