Online Master Class 1: Occupational Science (after thoughts)

There’s nothing like a posh cup of vanilla flavoured coffee with friends, and last Tuesday I met up with my friend, Sarah Bodell. We had a catch up and I generally moaned on about my experiences with obsessive compulsive disorder, but before she escaped back to her fortress of occupational solitude…well her office…she informed me of something that the directorate of occupational therapy at the University of Salford were delivering…online master classes in advanced occupational therapy! I decided to sign up and am so I pleased I did! The best £30 I’ve spent since my last art supplies binge!

Tonight though, I attended the first class delivered online by Dr Jackie Taylor, focussing on occupational science. Even though she was very unsympathetic towards my bad dose of ‘man flu’, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her! I was so inspired by this lecture that I have decided to go away and delve into research of something exceedingly interesting for my blog. What is that I hear you grumble? Well we discussed the core meaning of occupation, yes we all know what that is…meaningful and purposeful activity and all that jazz…but think of this…are there times when occupations actually become detrimental to our health and wellbeing? Of course! Anyone who knows me and has read my personal account of obsessive compulsive disorder will be very much aware of how compulsions act as what I will refer to as “negative occupations” (how about that huh for a term :-p).

So with that said my plan now is to go away and research this area and relate it to obsessive compulsive disorder. Are there ‘positive occupations’ and ‘negative occupations’? What an interesting concept for my mind to wrestle with….

On a final note…The only criticisms I can possibly conjure up from this master class is that the most interesting bit (well I think so anyway) was right at the end of the class… and, of course, I want to attend much more of these classes!!! So Jackie, Sarah, Debbie…I will be officially picking your brains soon and pestering for more master classes!!!!


Over and out for now…


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