Isn’t it Time to Develop the Evidence Base for Role Emerging Practice?

I was thinking today about the limited evidence base on role emerging practice and it got me thinking that we, as a body of professionals, have to think of strategies to overcome this problem.

If we are to look beyond the NHS and traditional roles, which as occupational therapists we find ourselves in, shouldn’t we start to build the evidence base around these areas? Furthermore, isn’t it time that we who are promoters of role emerging practice advocate to other professionals what the benefits are of working in a non-traditional setting and should the COT promote this branch of practice collaboratively with us?

I was surfing the COT website and couldn’t help but notice the lack of support for role emerging practice within the “Specialist Sections”. Isn’t role emerging practice “specialist” and does it not warrant a “Specialist Section”?


2 comments on “Isn’t it Time to Develop the Evidence Base for Role Emerging Practice?

  1. I agree with the themes raised in this post. It has been highlighted both in recent literature and by COT that occupational therapists are moving out of traditional health and social care settings and into what is known as role-emerging settings.

    I embarked on a role-emerging placement during my degree programme; I worked with young people who did not have a specific condition, but instead had occupational needs.

    I strongly feel that occupational therapists should be occupational need focussed rather than condition focussed. This enables occupational therapists to utilise their core skills, such as activity analysis and therapeutic occupation, to break the traditional health and social care mold, delivering occupation-centred interventions in voluntary organisations for example, to address individuals’ occupational needs.

    It would be advantageous and highly appropriate to have a COT Specialist Section for role-emerging practice, as this is an evolving area of occupational therapy practice.


  2. hi im working on a critcal review with a focus on REP learning opportunties for individual students and opportunties to devolp the OT profession as a whole. is there still a lack of research into this topic? ive found nurmous articles, but a very limited amout of research studies involving participants

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